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    Q says it's about to happen

    Shout out to Q followers!!!

    Isn't it exciting? It looks like our long wait for arrests may end soon.

    <header style="background-color: transparent; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); display: flex;...
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    Plot to overthrow Trump


    An ex government official goes on national TV and confesses to plotting, with a number of other government officials, (all whilst still in the employ of the government) to overthrow...
  3. Daniel Ricciardo's surprise result in Formula 1 pre-season practice

    Congratulations to Daniel with his third fastest time on day 3.

    I have missed his smile and laid back attitude after his recent treatment at Red Bull.

    I wish him very good luck at Renault in...
  4. Female sports being taken over by ex-men(transgenders)

    Over recent decades, it has saddened me to see the women's equal rights movement being corrupted by new age feminists. This new breed don't want equal rights. They want better rights and men to...
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