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Thread: Sydney Trains Strike

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    Post Sydney Trains Strike

    The train drivers? union and transport bosses will come face-to-face again but there are fears that even if Sydney train strike is averted, rail chaos could still ensue.

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    A planned 24-hour Sydney train strike is still going ahead despite promising negotiations between unions and rail management.

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    Sydney train strike...

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    Our defense personnel don't get this sort of money, and how can someone that drives a training be paid the same as a teacher, nurse, paramedic. All the do is accelerate and brake, follow signals, all in a safe manner, they don't have to steer it, how can they justify what they earn now.

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    plus, tell me anyone in the past 5 years that has had more than a 2.5% increase, this is just greed.The government should stand their ground on this one, give the 6% to the doctors, nurses and emergency staff instead.

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    We probably had the most movement we’ve had in a couple of months today, so everyone is working hard to get it resolved.

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    I'd do the job for $110k to $140K pa with the offered 2.5%, and not join the unions.

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    So train drivers deserve this increase above other services like police, nurses, teachers?

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    Arlo, Not in my eyes. I'd be happy for police, nurses, firefighters, ambo's to get a bigger increase though.

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    The Red Tea Detox
    Lousy service and daring to demand a 6% annual increase compounded over 4 years?

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