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Thread: Sydney Trains Strike

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    Jack, If I did that, I would be sacked immediately - union demand are getting ridiculous and this will cost the average Sydneysider more as they need to pay more for unreliable train services.

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    I think why they are strike on is that, Rail management has changed the schedule of Sydney trains and it has become hactic as the railway is lacking in employees.

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    According to TV news, train drivers get between $110,000 to $140,000 per year. That is in no way a low income earner and how does that justify asking for a 6% increase?

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    Nobody else in the working world that I know of, can get such an increase and I don't even know anyone earning that much. In particular for such a low skilled job like driving a train.These guys do not deserve it if they earn that much already. They should be real happy with the offered 2.5%.Unless this is about something else, then shame on them!

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    Have Sydney Trains employed QR ex employees K.Wright and M.Skinner & CO they have the knowledge and experience to fix your problem , just ask any one from SEQ who users trains .

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    “This is a serious challenge for families and a serious economic challenge for the nation.

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    Rail union calls stop work after negotiations fail.

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