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Thread: Serena's storms in tennis rules.

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    I got it. Thanks

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    Oh Serena ,

    The eternal victim.

    You can be at the top of your game, rich, a world famous icon, happily married with a loving supportive family....and still claim the patriarchy is against you.

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    Well now I await the first tennis player to wear a tutu on the court.

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    Ridiculous rule changes to satisfy one ego. What about rules to stop the outbursts like we saw in 2018? Just not tennis.

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    Pity they didn't set new rules outlawing the petulant display she turned on last year

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    Do male players get a rest for having a torrid night in the sack, as they can't give birth?

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    Three major appearances, two Grand Slam finals, and one memorable controversy.

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    The Red Tea Detox
    She had a Brilliant season/ come back that would be envied by a few from the WTA, USO finals has always been part of her Tennis journey , she stands for her beliefs , she’s a LEGEND already.

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