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Thread: Is it true, Australia locked in a downward spiral?

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    Australia needs to REDUCE debt, not interest rates. We need to live within our means and the banks must tighten credit so that financial stability comes back into the picture.

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    We have too much leverage and we need to start paying it back.

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    I for one want rising interest rates but I accept they will go down again first as the economy continues to tank in 2019.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocean View Post
    I hope that interest rates rise! That's the sign of a health economy. If interest rates go nowhere, or worse lower, we are absolutely stuffed!
    The economy has not been strong, it has been manipulated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlo View Post
    The economy has not been strong, it has been manipulated.
    where did you get this fake news from.. ?

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    fairfax / Ch 9 or some fake news mob ?

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    this bloke is the uncertainty, he's dangerous
    a Commie, politically correct douchebag,. a danger to any economy
    Be afraid of this dickhead with his hands on government

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