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Thread: Australia just wants to ignore :Australia?s pokies obsession.

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    Have you people heard of personal responsibility? If you are stupid enough to keep putting money in these machines even though you know you will probably lose, that's your problem.
    It's like you start selling ecstasy in every shop and then tell people it's your problem if you get addicted. These clubs are hiding the addictions.

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    You visit the clubs with your family have a good time and good food. You put in 5 dollars into pokies and you think you have everything under control. but slowly the bets go up and soon you are addictedthe club managers are well aware of who comes to the club every day.

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    NSW was one of the first states in the world to have pokies in pubs and clubs. Australians from other states would cross borders to play.

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    Australia has greatest number of problem gamblers in the world,” according to campaigner Tim Costello

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