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Thread: Registration issues being fixed

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    Registration issues being fixed

    Our tech team is working on the registration issues.
    Should be resolved soon.

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    Envida are a one stop shop for all your indoor air quality needs. Simply, we are the best in this country at what we do. We say that with no bravado or arrogance, but with a proven track record of delivering our IAQ services, successfully, safely and on time.

    Our services start with our combined 80 years of experience joined with our NADCA certifications and IAQA memberships; followed by our advice, preparation of work plans and execution of the plan; and ends successfully with your complete satisfaction.

    Unlike many of our competitors, we do not provide 30 unrelated services. We specialise specifically in Indoor Air Quality Services. They range from AC duct cleaning and maintenance, mold / fungus remediation, testing and air balancing to IAQ testing and other indoor air quality related works.

    We are fully internationally certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and are a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA). This assures you that we are certified to provide our consultancy and cleaning services to the highest international standards. In addition to being certified by NADCA, we are also commercially registered by Dubai Economic Department for technical works on air conditioning systems. Our services, technical abilities and knowledge of HVAC systems extends beyond typical building cleaning companies, allowing us to view the HVAC system holistically and identify potential future issues, saving you time and money.

    Our AC duct and component cleaning methodology is defined, directed and certified by NADCA. This direction begins with the type of equipment we use and ends with our project reporting.

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