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Thread: TRUMP and JFK

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    TRUMP and JFK

    who do you think will be the next chief of staff..

    I reckon it's funny that his name is JFK..

    John Kelly seems like a nice guy.

    Who's next.. predictions anyone ?

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    John kelly or JFK is leaving the house at year's end.

    i think Mick Mulvaney would be the nxt cheif of staff.

    Although he previously publicly called his boss “a terrible human being”. hhahahah.

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    I'm wondering what Chris Christie is doing these day ? Maybe he needs a job. His Fat ass in the whitehouse.. Maybe not pretty enough for Donald..

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    yeah, that's a maybe.. I was hoping for female though.. any suggestions ?

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    TRUMP and JFK

    The Red Tea Detox
    Thats like saying "if you pull back on the stick, your airplane will gain altitude." Maybe it will, and maybe it wont...........

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